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WebGrabber Wifi Tips

  1. Receiving an outside signal while inside a building:

    Place the WebGrabber antenna oriented vertically in the center of a window. It is best to place it in a window that is facing the WiFi source. Obstructions between the source of the WiFi signal and the antenna will greatly reduce the effective WiFi range.

  2. Receiving a better signal with the antenna mounted outside:

    For an even better signal, place the antenna outside where it is not inhibited by walls or windows. It is best to place the antenna as high as possible and at least three(3) feet away from metal objects.

    Be sure to use the rubber grommet between the antenna and the cable to protect the connection from weather.

    For Boat and extended Outdoor Use: We recommend wrapping coaxial sealant (available separately) around the base of the antenna, covering the connection and part of the cable for more protection.

  3. Receiving a signal from within the same building:

    If the WiFi source is located on the same floor, orient the WebGrabber antenna vertically. If the WiFi source is located on a floor above or below, it may be necessary to adjust the angle of the antenna in the direction of the WiFi source.

  4. Mounting Options:

    Supplied with the WebGrabber antenna are mounting options for most situations.(See Below)

    • For mounting on a vertical pole, use the Cable Tie.
    • For mounting on a horizontal tree branch, clothesline, or other object, use the supplied Lanyard. Loop the small section through the hole at the top of the antenna. Loop the larger ribbon section around, or hang it on the object.
    • For smooth surfaces like a window or back of a laptop
      screen, use the supplied Suction Cups.
    • For a porous wall or shelf, you can use the sticky Hook and Loop material. Attach one piece to the antenna and the other to mounting surface.