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Frequently Asked Questions

My computer is not showing that the antenna is plugged in. What's Wrong?

Check the connection between the antenna and the cable to be sure they are tightly connected. If only one USB port is available, make sure to use the main USB cable connector, not the optional Power Boost connector (single loose connector).

I have Windows 7/Vista and inserted the software CD. I clicked on "Run Autorun.exe" but nothing is happening.

Check the bottom taskbar area for a security shield or message that is asking permission to install the software. Also, if your computer has a third party Firewall or Virus protection installed, you may have to disable it. Please read the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

My software shows that the antenna is connected but when I try to use my Internet browser I am unable to view anything. What should I do?

You may not have a strong enough WiFi connection. Successful connection to a wireless network usually requires a minimum of 2 bars of signal. If the signal is low, you can try relocating or repositioning the antenna with a better line-of-sight view to the WiFi source; or the wireless network does not offer Internet service; or a firewall/virus protection is preventing access.

I purchased the WebGrabber antenna and when it is hooked up, it does not improve my WiFi reception. Is there something I can do to make it work better?

Be sure that the antenna is positioned vertically in the center of the window, if the WiFi source is outside your location.

Can I use a passive USB extension cable to add on to the existing length of the cable that came with the WebGrabber antenna?

No, the WebGrabber antenna should not be connected to an additional passive USB extension cable. Please use the 15ft. USB cable that came with the antenna or replace it by purchasing an optional 30ft. USB cable from CompTek. It is not recommended to exceed the 30ft USB cable, as it can cause severe signal loss.

Is there a location on the web to download another copy of the software CD?

Yes, please visit the WebGrabber website at

My computer is a Mac and I connect to a secure network but everytime I shut my computer down, I have to re-enter the Encryption Key.

It is not required, but it is recommended. If both WiFi connections are going at the same time, it will require more power from your computer and create extra heat. Usually there is a button, switch, or key on a laptop that disables the built-in WiFi device.

Which side (front or back) faces the window when using the suction cups?

It is up to you. The WebGrabber antenna is omni-directional, so it can receive signals from any directions.

Can I use the WebGrabber antenna with my iPad or iPhone to increase my WiFi reception?

No. The WebGrabber antenna requires a USB port and installation of software drivers. The iPad and iPhone are not capable of installing software drivers.

What do the blue and red lights on the WebGrabber antenna mean?

The flashing blue light means the antenna is getting power and the intermittent red light means the antenna is communicating with the computer.